NEW – Premium Upgrade Service for your SEIKO 6105 Diver!

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Geday People,

We’ve now introduced a new premium service for the 6105 diver movements.

Originally these were a 17 jewel movement, which means some compromises were made to reduce the jewel count.

Over many service jobs we often find the brass bushes installed in the top movement plate are worn significantly and affect the running of the watch. Often they cause intermittent stoppages and accuracy issues.

Our new premium 6105 service replaces the barrel arbor jewel bearings and the top movement plate jewel bearings. This increases the jewel count of the movement to 21 jewels and means the entire movement is fully jeweled. Overall this is a huge improvement for the movement and should extend the life of the movement indefinitely.

The best part is the modifications are not visible unless the movement is taken apart, meaning it will not affect the originality of your watch.

This upgrade is in addition to our standard Viton crown seal upgrade, which means the watch will pass a 100m pressure test again and operate as per original specs. Our pressure tests are done on a Swiss WITSCHI electronic dry pressure tester which guarantees accuracy.

Want to know more? Ask away on the contact page.

Here’s what is changed in the upgrade –

Not Dead!

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I’m not dead. For the past few days I’ve had a major website outage with some serious technical difficulties which have now been resolved. If you’ve tried to get in touch, try again and the email will come through. Thanks! – Adrian

Job Complete – SEIKO 6139-6002 Blue Dial

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This would have to be the most common service job, 6139 chronograph.

This example was particularly nice, basically just nice all round. I was having a bad day with lighting so you can’t see the applied SEIKO logo on the dial.

Only a straightforward service, barrel arbor jeweling and seal replacement was required.

Job Complete – SEIKO A229-5060 LCD

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I don’t see a lot of LCD style watches overall, most of them are fried by battery leaks or other issues that kill these watches.

This one got a full set of seals, NOS crystal, new battery and general clean up. It must have always had quality batteries installed as there was no sign of battery leaks but had water intrusion due to failed seals. Despite having a water resistance rating of 150 meters, they were never really better than splash proof due to the number of possible entry locations for water.

Job Complete – SEIKO 7019-6040 “SPORTS”

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I just finished this job. It’s a really cool 7019 SPORTS from 1971. I’ve never seen one of these before, ever so it a very uncommon model. The watch got a total rebuild, some parts replaced in the keyless works, new seals, finish restoration on the case and some bracelet repair.

And on the wrist –