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November 2017

Job Complete – SEIKO 4502-7000 King SEIKO Hi-Beat 36000bph

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The latest job off the bench was a 4502 KING SEIKO, which is known for chronometer grade performance and 36000bph beat rate. The higher tuned version of this movement was used in the SEIKO Observatory Chronometer watches.

Repair wise, the 36000bph watches tend to be a bit harsher on the internal components than most watches so a number of components were replaced. The glass was also re-furbished. Basically no case work was done as the case was in excellent condition with sharp edges.

As is pretty common on the SEIKO high end white dials, this watch did have some patina on the dial, which is caused by the silver layer under the paint oxidising. There isn’t too much you can do unfortunately to stop it except keep out as much moisture as possible.