Recently Completed Job – Near Mint 6306 “Scubapro”

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Well, this job was as nice as they come, a REAL 6306 Diver with the Scubapro 450 dial.

Watch had some water intrusion previously so was full of rust but the important parts were perfect.

This is a real scubapro dial and not one of the fakes.

The mark on the crystal is some water residue from the pressure test which I forgot to wipe off before taking the picture.

Project Complete – SEIKO 61/63 Series Barrel Arbor Jewels

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Well, after 18 months or so on this project I finally have a finished product.

These are the top and bottom barrel arbor jewels to solve the barrel arbor wear issues on the SEIKO 61 and 63 series movements.

I have them available now on eBay but will have them available direct through the website when I have a chance to set up the online store.

Here’s the eBay link –

Images here (click on image for a HUGE version) –

Just for a re-cap, here’s what happens when you have excessive wear –

SEIKO H558-5000 “Arnie” Movement Spacer Reproduction

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I’ve released a reproduction movement spacer for the H558-5000 “Arnie” Diver watches.

They are 3D printed and while slightly different from the original, fit just as well and solve the problem of the damaged spacer due to battery leaks.

I’m currently working on another version which will replace the plastic spacer as well as the metal plate, as that is also often missing or damaged due to battery leaks.

I currently have these available on the ebay store –

Here’s the part at work –