Completed Job – SEIKO 6139-6020 “Doctor Chrono”

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Despite these watches being called the “Doctor Chrono”, the pulsations scale is useless for measuring someone’s pulse. It’s likely the scale was more useful for timing radio signal pulses or something but nobody knows for sure the intent of the scale.

This watch was serviced, new crystal fitted and the hands coloured to the correct “tomato red” colour.

July 2019 Update – New Workshop and Address

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Geday Everyone!

I’ve just moved to a new workshop and a new address. The fairly convoluted move and longer than expected move process really put a dent in my updates.

My new adddress is –

PO BOX 245
SA 5158

And the next lot of completed jobs are a bunch of SEIKO 4S15 “Alpinist” watches. All were serviced, cleaned and had the seals replaced. All tested a PASS on the pressure tester at 100M. The 4S15 movement is a modern respin of the 5256 movement from the 1970’s and regarded as one of SEIKO’s best movements.

Green dial –

Black dial –

More New Stuff – S-510 Tool for SEIKO 7016/7017/7018 Chronographs

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Geday Everyone,

After a much delayed development I am pleased to announce I’ve finally released the S-510 tool, which replaces the old SEIKO S-510 and S-511 handsetting tools.

Differences from the original are that the pushers are captive and having an adjustable dowel means that one tool can handle all the movements.

The extra dowel was deleted as it is not required, it doesn’t actually support anything because the bottom bush for the minute counter wheel is hidden under the winding wheel.

I have the tools available on Ebay. The first 10 will be supplied in gold.

New Year, New Updates

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Happy 2019!

I’ve been very behind posting the recently completed jobs. I thought I’d do a few in this post.

I have a few new videos up on the youtube channel as well worth checking out.

  1. 6138-0040 “SpeedTimer” JDM model. This was was a real mess and had some poor work done previously on the hands and dial. That was cleaned up and it’s now a great timekeeper –

2. SEIKO 7017-6020 “SpeedTimer” JDM Model. This watch was a full service plus restoration work on the hands, which had chipped paint and the luminous markers.

3. SEIKO 6105-8110 Diver. This watch got a full rebuild, the premium jewel upgrade and a re-lume. The original lume was completely mouldy. Also the bezel pip was repaired

4. A nice pair…7T59-6A00 and 6139-6002. The 7T59 received a hand restoration, new seals and glass. The 6139 got a full rebuild with the standard barrel arbor jewel upgrade.

5. SEIKO Sportsmatic SILVERWAVE (603 Movement). This watch got a full service, new crystal and the bezel pip repaired.\


6. Another pair, SEIKO 6119-6023 and Bell-Matic. The 6119 got a new crystal and full service with jewel upgrade. The Bell-Matic was a full service, replacement crystal as well as re-plating of the bracelet and case.

7. CASIO DATABANK. Built from parts. Not my usual thing, but I had a bag full of NOS parts and there were enough there to make one of these. I did always want one as a kid.

8. 6309-7040 Diver. This watch was fully serviced, barrel arbor repaired, new glass, new seals and new hands. The original hands were pretty mouldy.

9. SEIKO Bell-Matic 4006-6020 Brown. This watch had a hard life and some terrible work done on it previously. It was serviced, got a new crystal, seals, the original sweep hand colour restored and some parts replaced inside. Runs pretty good now.

10. SEIKO 6139-6000. This watch was fully serviced, arbor jewels added and the hands/dial re-lumed.

11. Last one for today. My SEIKO 6119-6400. This watch was fully serviced, barrel arbor jewels added and a new crystal installed. It is also up for sale.

NEW – Premium Upgrade Service for your SEIKO 6105 Diver!

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Geday People,

We’ve now introduced a new premium service for the 6105 diver movements.

Originally these were a 17 jewel movement, which means some compromises were made to reduce the jewel count.

Over many service jobs we often find the brass bushes installed in the top movement plate are worn significantly and affect the running of the watch. Often they cause intermittent stoppages and accuracy issues.

Our new premium 6105 service replaces the barrel arbor jewel bearings and the top movement plate jewel bearings. This increases the jewel count of the movement to 21 jewels and means the entire movement is fully jeweled. Overall this is a huge improvement for the movement and should extend the life of the movement indefinitely.

The best part is the modifications are not visible unless the movement is taken apart, meaning it will not affect the originality of your watch.

This upgrade is in addition to our standard Viton crown seal upgrade, which means the watch will pass a 100m pressure test again and operate as per original specs. Our pressure tests are done on a Swiss WITSCHI electronic dry pressure tester which guarantees accuracy.

Want to know more? Ask away on the contact page.

Here’s what is changed in the upgrade –