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January 2019

New Year, New Updates

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Happy 2019!

I’ve been very behind posting the recently completed jobs. I thought I’d do a few in this post.

I have a few new videos up on the youtube channel as well worth checking out.

  1. 6138-0040 “SpeedTimer” JDM model. This was was a real mess and had some poor work done previously on the hands and dial. That was cleaned up and it’s now a great timekeeper –

2. SEIKO 7017-6020 “SpeedTimer” JDM Model. This watch was a full service plus restoration work on the hands, which had chipped paint and the luminous markers.

3. SEIKO 6105-8110 Diver. This watch got a full rebuild, the premium jewel upgrade and a re-lume. The original lume was completely mouldy. Also the bezel pip was repaired

4. A nice pair…7T59-6A00 and 6139-6002. The 7T59 received a hand restoration, new seals and glass. The 6139 got a full rebuild with the standard barrel arbor jewel upgrade.

5. SEIKO Sportsmatic SILVERWAVE (603 Movement). This watch got a full service, new crystal and the bezel pip repaired.\


6. Another pair, SEIKO 6119-6023 and Bell-Matic. The 6119 got a new crystal and full service with jewel upgrade. The Bell-Matic was a full service, replacement crystal as well as re-plating of the bracelet and case.

7. CASIO DATABANK. Built from parts. Not my usual thing, but I had a bag full of NOS parts and there were enough there to make one of these. I did always want one as a kid.

8. 6309-7040 Diver. This watch was fully serviced, barrel arbor repaired, new glass, new seals and new hands. The original hands were pretty mouldy.

9. SEIKO Bell-Matic 4006-6020 Brown. This watch had a hard life and some terrible work done on it previously. It was serviced, got a new crystal, seals, the original sweep hand colour restored and some parts replaced inside. Runs pretty good now.

10. SEIKO 6139-6000. This watch was fully serviced, arbor jewels added and the hands/dial re-lumed.

11. Last one for today. My SEIKO 6119-6400. This watch was fully serviced, barrel arbor jewels added and a new crystal installed. It is also up for sale.