Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Geday Everyone,

Another year is just about to pass us by and I’d like to thank all my fantastic customers this year and in the past for the strong support of our business and making our success possible!

In 2020, we have some changes coming along and are expanding operations in a few areas. This will ensure we can continue to keep these iconic watches going for years to come.

I haven’t had too much time to do website updates over the past few months but have been reasonably active on YouTube. Check out the channel here –

As for shutdown over the new year period, the first week of Jan will be just half days but then back to normal. I am currently well behind on email, but will get back to you.

Thanks again!


Job Complete – SEIKO 7005-8030 – This Watch Was Actually In Vietnam

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The SEIKO 7005-8030 is confirmed as an issued watch to special forces during the Vietnam War. The owner of this piece tells me the watch was actually in Vietnam and was not a civilian purchase later on.

This piece dates to 1970 and was in very good condition. I ended up servicing the watch, replacing the seals, crystal and some parts inside that were damaged due to water intrusion. It’s now running great and ready for a few decades more service!

Job Complete – SEIKO 6105-8110 with Water Intrusion

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Another fantastic result. This watch was damaged by a past water intrusion. The minute track dial print was damaged and unrecoverable. Fortunately the luminous paint was in good condition and didn’t require replacement. To complete the job, a set of aftermarket hands was added, a new glass and new seals.
Inside the watch, the movement was upgraded with a 6119 top train plate and escape wheel along with the barrel arbor jewel upgrade. This brings the jewel count to 22 jewels. The setting on the escape wheel now has a “DIAFIX” setting on one side which will help with consistent timekeeping and better resistance to shocks.
After “re-packing” the crown with a new VITON seal, and a fresh set of seals elsewhere, the watch passed a 100m pressure test.